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Hyuuga Hinata
27 December
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Hinata had grown up fully aware of vampires due to her father's teachings. She was taught well in how to control the eyes the Hyuugas were "blessed" with. The ability that the Hyuugas called Byakugan allows them to obtain a type of xray vision. Hinata was very skilled in the use of her Byakugan, and had great control over the skill at a young age. However, when she was young she saw something that terrified her through the use of the Byakuugan. This experience caused her to fear the skill. Due to her absolute fear of using the Byakugan her eyes stopped supporting the special skill. Her father lost all hope in Hinata's once promising skills and turned his attention to her younger, braver sister Hanabi.

From that point on, Hinata sat on the sidelines of her family. She never really got along that well with her sister, or rather, her sister never got along that well with her. Despite her sister's hostile behavior towards her, Hinata never stopped being willing to be there if Hanabi ever needed her.

Due to her family's distance from her, Hinata became rather introverted. She was a quite child, though a sweet one. Such behavior has continued as she has grown. It is most evident in her thoughts on the tadition of the Main Family and Branch Family. She detests such a system, finding it unfair for such family seperation. Due to her want to rid the Hyuugas of such a system, Hinata began to work hard to get back into her father's good graces when she became a teenager. For the most part, she has succeeded. She is once again set to be the Hyuuga Head after Hiashi passes. She suspected Hanabi was not happy about this at all, and that did hurt Hinata. However, in the long run she knew it was for the better.

Now a days, Hinata has taken a large interest in the trouble the vampires have been causing. When she learned that her cousin Neji left for Banff trying to join Kham, she decided to go after him. She wasn't sure what good she could do, but she felt that somehow, maybe, she could help keep Neji safe.

Hinata still has not been able to regain her control over her Byakugan.
Name: Hyuuga Hinata
Age: 15
Species: Human
Alliance: neutral (will likely become Kham later)
Height: 4' 10"
Weight: 83.6 lbs
Blood type: A
Likes: flowers, helping others
Dislikes: cruetly, being in large crowds
Eyes: Pale lavender, almost white
Hair: Black, looks purple in light
Personality: shy, kind, helpful, caring, easily frightened, easily intimidated
Talents/abilities: graceful, fast, smart, makes a rather good spy
Love Interest: n/a

Kidnap? Go for it!
Noncon? I'd prefer not. Usually I'd say sure, but I just really don't want to mar Hinata's innocence like that.
Angst? Probably not much.
Attack? Sure, that's likely anyway.
Kill? No please
Turn? Sure
Het, yaoi, yuri? Any
Rating? Any and all, though the higher ratings will probably be caused by others, not her.

Any other notes? Please, please, please keep in mind that Hinata is deathly shy when logging.

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Played by: kanoi_trace

Dislaimer: Original character property of Masashi Kishimoto, played for abyssus_banff.
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